AISafety.com is a Copenhagen-based SaaS-startup, aiming to deliver advanced language model capability to back office operations for enterprise users. We focus in particular on AI Alignment, to ensure that the goals of the model are aligned with the wider company goals.

The organisation was founded by Søren Elverlin in 2016, with the name “AI Safety Danmark”. The initial focus was outreach, launching an the AI Safety Danmark Facebook Group as well as organising 4 talks in Denmark. On the advice of the wider AI Safety community, we pivoted away from public outreach.

The AISafety.com Reading Group started in May 2016, and with over 240 sessions (as of 2021), we have covered a broad share of the most important texts in AI Safety. Søren Elverlin generally records a presentation of the text (available on our YouTube channel), though around 20 presentations have been done by the original authors invited as guests.

This website is maintained by Søren Elverlin (owner of AISafety.com and prime mover on the Reading Group), with Volkan Erdogan managing the technical side. Press (or other) inquiries should be sent to soeren@aisafety.com .