The website AISafety.com started as an offshoot of the AISafety.com Reading Group, drawing volunteers and contributions from the participants in the reading group. The reading group remains the focal point for coordination of the website, providing a mechanism for coordination and feedback. General coordination of the Reading Group happens on the AI Safety Danmark Facebook Group.

The reading group was originally called the AIRCA AI Safety Reading Group,  and is the first project of AIRCA, the “AI Research Center Aarhus”, founded by Erik B. Jacobsen and Søren Elverlin in March 2016. AIRCA arranged a number of meetups and lectures, but the goal of becoming a true Danish research center was not realised.

This website is maintained by Søren Elverlin (owner of AISafety.com and prime mover on the Reading Group), with Volkan Erdogan managing the technical side. Press (or other) inquiries should be sent to soeren.elverlin@gmail.com .